Saturday, January 27, 2018

Emptying the Dishwasher

Removing a multitude of thoughts clamouring for attention in our heads is like emptying a dishwasher ~
Plates, and forks and knives and cups, glasses and pots and pans and lids……
All have had their purpose ~
cleaned up and now to be put away in this cupboard or that drawer, wiped clean and clear of water drops.
At least we can hold each one in our hands. 
Thoughts are considerably more slippery.
In general the task is simple.
Empty your mind.
Empty the dishwasher.
Simple tasks, once undertaken, may be far from easy.
The complexity of what to do with the detail of it all
 ~ whether thoughts or dishes ~
can overwhelm until the decision to choose one at a time.
Take it out, wipe it off and put it away.
Thoughts ‘taken out’ are not necessarily imbued with such simplicity ~
Decisions about 
    their worthiness of mental energy or
       filing them away as just a memory
         or using their energy to move forward are
challenged by beliefs, life experience and expectations.
Emptying the dishwasher is far easier.

“Every solution to every problem is simple. It’s the 
distance between the two where the mystery lies.”
~ Derek Landry, Skulduggery Pleasant

Friday, January 26, 2018

Simple Silence

I haven’t spoken a word this morning.
It’s quiet in the house
Just the tick of the clock
The tap of my fingers on the keyboard
The quickly silenced whistle of the teakettle
Wind has allowed the trees some rest
Rain hovers quietly in the clouds
Traffic has yet to roll over pavement
Like a breath deep into my belly
With a great sigh of relief
Simple silence fills the morning with calm.

“Does not everything depend on our interpretation of the silence around us?”
~ Lawrence Durrell, Justine

Thursday, January 25, 2018


What would they tell me
all those that have passed
if visiting just for a spell
Would they just say hello
or simply give me a hug
Would they share wisdom
from the life that they lived
Would we go for a walk
have a heart to heart talk
about service to home and to neighbour
Would the room fill with laughter and music
or a something I’ll never imagine
I would like to believe
they’d encourage me on
we’d go to the garden to plant
we’d create with our hands
shape a new life to live 
then in a moment they’d slip away ~
a bright mist away to the heavens.

“My yesterdays walk with me. They keep step, 
they are gray faces that peer over my shoulder.”
~ William Golding

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Simply Listen

I have been stagnating. That sounds dreadful. I envision a still pond, hidden and protected by reeds, bush and trees.  A green scum humming with mosquitoes and other buzzing insects. An occasional blurp as a frog or very tough fish ripples the waters. Nevertheless, I have been stagnating. My little ‘inside my head’ gremlin has told me that I deserve to stagnate. After all there have been many things this past several months that have drained my personal swamp but left these nasty pools of water behind. So sad.

But I am tired of the sadness, the frustrating feeling that I am powerless. It is boring, among other wavering beliefs that I’ll not go into here. Sitting and thinking about it all gives me a headache and a heartache. Both feelings have good reasons, but after a time they are no longer of value. In fact they become their own sadness and frustration. So what’s a girl to do?

This morning I journaled.  I journal most mornings, but today I had a clear purpose. Clear enough to ask myself two questions: what is keeping me down? What is preventing me from completing my projects? Yes - projects. I do have several, but the most important one is a writing project that I have been working and worrying on for quite some time. No, I'll not tell you how long. That is for another time. is a blog site written by Daniel Cain. It was introduced to me by Mary Hynes on Tapestry (CBC Radio) and again this morning by my sister, Kate. ‘Go Deeper, Not Wider’ was the title and the clear message of Daniel Cain’s blog posted December 18, 2017. Please, do go to his site to read this very insightful post and so many more.

For me this has been profound. Most of my life, I have been very good at skating on the surface of many things. Creating an image, with questionable depth. Going deeper has been avoided, meaning feelings of futility and ultimately many stalled projects. I’m certain there are psychological reasons for all of this, however this is not one of the ‘going deeper’ issues I wish to tackle. My personal reason is that, I have not known how or what to do, who to talk to, and more importantly what questions to ask. My inner critic, waiting impatiently in the wings, tells me I will look and sound foolish. Of course now that I am in my seventh decade, it will prove that I am an incompetent old woman. Sound harsh? It definitely is and so to my journal so I could hear and see my critical, and often cruel, self talk.

There is a great simplicity to be found today for me. Simply listen to my own words. Ask myself some questions: How much truth is in my self-talk? Can I do anything about it? Am I willing to do the work to go deeper? 

My blog post title is Today I spent time standing still and slowly I listened to myself. I found the gap for my project I knew in my heart, but not my head, that was missing. Creative and pragmatic waters were stirred, opened up and freshened. I had to sort it all through so I am encouraged and able to Go Deeper, Not Wider. Thanks Daniel Cain!

“Ever-branching possibilities make it harder for us to explore 
any given one deeply, because there’s always more “newness” to turn to 
when the old new thing has reached a difficult or boring part.”
~ Daniel Cain, Go Deeper, Not Wider

Tuesday, January 23, 2018


When I look around my home
out of the window to the street
I see so very much that seems cluttered
and yet there is also simplicity in 
      each piece of decor
each tree, 
  each bit of fence ~
simple or complex,  
they all lend texture to our world.
Within the texture is space for movement
  across my living room floor
    through patio doors to the great outside
      along sidewalks that guide our feet forward
        streets and avenues guiding our vehicles hither and yon.
The picture of it all looks so very complex ~
stacked up apartments or condominiums with windows facing the world
each yard given attention great or small.

Then the wind blows in,
and with it’s own random simplicity,
ruffles all of this texture
giving crows and gulls busy currents to glide on
sending wrens and juncos deep against tree trunks or into bushes.
carving twigs and branches from trees, 
stirring softened soil into the air

When the wind settles, the designed texture returns ~
with it's few minor adjustments ~
and seems to wait for 
the next gust or steady blasting wind
  a slashing or drizzling rain to wash the grit away.

“A great wind is blowing, and that gives you 
either imagination or a headache.”
~ Catherine the Great

Monday, January 22, 2018


Peeling away 
old habits stuck firmly to our lives,
old, routines grinding like unending loops
once useful and maybe even fun
takes courage and thought.

Some have become 
boxes with little flexibility
stifling and robotic ~
airless rooms where creativity slowly fades.

Softening and opening the corners
to create simplicity in each moment
breathes energy and life into
new habits and new routines for each day.

“Free yourself from the rigid conduct of tradition and 
open yourself to the new forms of probability.”
~ Hans Bender

Sunday, January 21, 2018


Reaching out
a simple gesture
a knowing from within.
The gift of a single flower ~
greater than the biggest bouquet

“One of the most important things you can do on this earth 
is to let people know they are not alone.”
~ Shannon L. Alder