Saturday, September 7, 2013

Twisting Facts

Start to tell facts with a story
any time needed is long
but telling just ordinary facts
time needed is short but all wrong.

Facts don’t excite
and are dusty and plain
Story paints pictures
of mountains and plains.

To communicate details
may need a quick list
but to communicate heart,
story brings facts a new twist.

“The computer can’t tell you the emotional story. It can give you 
the exact mathematical design, but what’s missing is the eyebrows.”
~ Frank Zappa

Magical Journeys

My magic camel and I nestled down to rest.
Travelling far and wide, we had seen and heard much.
Abundance and emptiness of spirit.
Poverty and great riches of the heart.
Stories fashioned from imagined lives.
Lives lived from imagined deeds.
All within the covers of books
pages inked with tears of joy
sweat of hardworking brows
blood of family and ancestors.
Magical journeys of communication and story
how life might be lived
what parts of living that may need avoiding
that each life has a story of it’s own.
My magic camel carried me safely
back to where I sit curled in my chair
in the comfort, abundance and safety of my own home’s richness.

“There’s always room for a story that 
can transport people to another place.”
~ J.K.Rowling

Friday, September 6, 2013

Re-connecting Humanity

A heart torn by thoughts swaddled
in past present future
and what if 
and must do 
and no one else will help.

Finding the spot of care and logic
in a careworn and illogical life
to bring focus and calm awareness
no matter if a bit cloudy.

Communication is challenged.
Sanity, order and respectful kindness
delve into swirling unreliable thoughts
without disturbing too much of the muck.

Thoughts that should not be disturbed 
threaten to eddy into a vortex filled
with muddied voices and hum
pulling even stability inside.

A nugget of humanity glows faintly, faintly
in hearts dulled by years of abuse whether 
alcohol or drugs, 
physical or mental
emotional or spiritual.....or maybe all.

“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; 
if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.”
~ Mahatma Gandhi

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Noise Pollution

Communication needs time and patience ~
Not enough of either 
when other conversations 
in closed spaces 
or high echoing ceilings
with extraneous beeping, scraping or whirring
clutter and cluster within a hive of activity.

“Some days, we just need to turn the quiet up.
~ Dr. Sunwolf,

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sampling Cloudy Communications

Bouncing here and there.
Words staccato, head jerkily bobbing
Speaker wordily throwing sounds that flit like humming birds hoping to find worthy flowers.


Eyes locked soul to soul bridging electric space
words rising and falling riding the current connection
arms waving hands intently shaping idea and story.


Tense. Wordless. 
Eyes dart away.  Avoid contact.
Sparks jump from blue to brown crashing mightily in midair.
Air thick and heavy - lightening strikes threaten from an invisible horizon.
A knock on the door or a ringing phone.
Frosty build up thaws below frozen eyes.
Conversation shifts.


One sided conversations makes hearing, listening difficult 
when words carom through the air.
Listener reaching and straining to catch a stream of consciousness
trying to make sense of disjointed phrases.

“Body language is a very powerful tool. We had body language 
before we had speech, and apparently, 80% of what you understand 
in a  conversation is read through the body, not the words.”
~ Deborah Bull

Monday, September 2, 2013

Thoughts about Labour/Management Relations

Our labours are traded for dollars and cents,
yet not always exchanged with any good sense.

Militant language and behaviour not liked
but bosses and members have issues that spike.

Confronting issues of ethics and economy head on,
no gentle parties to give folks some balm.

Workers seem always to want some more money,
but work site conditions are really the honey.

Conditions kept from workers because of a budget
management speaks a language of logic that's set.

Communication between these two sides, not that always that easy,
needs common ground found without getting so beastly.

Both labour and management have families and homes
deserving safety, security however their income.

But no rules should there be at the expense of the other.
Stop fighting, starting talking - be true and kind to each other.

“Everything in the world is purchased by labor.”
~ David Hume

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Chitter Chatter Communication

“Line up!” “Line up!
Feathers fluttering, tails flipping
heads bobbing, sparrow-like pushing and shoving
clear directions communicated
every one had space
almost all were accounted for 
some stray rogue sparrows
fluttered away in indignation
having to wait their turn
“Isn’t it time to flock and fly?!”

“Communication leads to community, that is,
to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing.”
~ Rollo May